Welcome to TECHMAR website

We are pleased to present you the general offer of our company dealing with the comprehensive supply of professional machines, devices and tools with all accessories. Our employees have been professionally servicing clients from the industrial sector since 1997. We have experience and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of our recipients.


We guarantee our clients with the delivered goods or services:
- Required certificates and approvals on the Polish market,
- User manuals and safety conditions in Polish language,
- Necessary instruction and training of employees using our tools,
- Having a full and fast tool service with the possibility of spare parts supply

Our company supplies the customers comprehensively with tools, machinery accessories and replacement parts.
We guarantee the full service offer in terms of the products repair under warranty and after the warranty period has expired.
We help our clients to carry out the most sophisticated and untypical orders. If required, we give a demonstration and training opportunities, showing tools for tests.
Most of the producers, whose products we offer, have an implemented system of quality ISO 9001, 9002.

All certificates guarantee you professional service meeting your requirements. The selling products have necessary documents and are under warranty.

TECHMAR 42-200 Częstochowa, ul. Równoległa 63A tel./fax (34) 314 11 66